Woman tried giving birth watching a Youtube tutorial, mother and child dies

Photo: Aphrodite and Howcast

Youtube might be a treasure trove of knowledge and education in most circumstances. Just maybe not when you’re delivering a baby.

A 26-year old Indian woman and her baby died while she attempted to deliver it on her own while watching a Youtube tutorial on Sunday night (10 Mar), according to investigations.

Officer Ravi Rai explains that the woman did this because of the “fear of social stigma attached to being an unmarried mother”.

Her body was discovered by her landlord who broke down her door after seeing blood seep out of it the next morning.

Items found included her smartphone which had evidence she was watching ‘how to deliver baby by self’ and related Youtube videos.

How a childbirth tutorial video would look. Still from Howcast

Other things included a pair of scissors, a blade and some scissors found near her body.

Investigations revealed that she rented the room less than a week before the tragedy occurred.

The landlord revealed she told him she was expecting to deliver her baby at a nearby hospital. Her mother would come to help, although she never did.

Rai, could not confirm the reason why she rented the room because the deceased’s family would not cooperate in the investigation.

Although her family did confirm that she was unmarried.

Unmarried pregnant women in India face stigma and discrimination from families and even healthcare professionals where they do not get adequate treatment.

Her family has refused to file an FIR (first information report) report on the woman’s death.

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