Woman strained so hard while pooping she erased 10 years of her memory

You might think you’ve experienced the world’s worst poop session after downing two whole bowls of chili padi all by your lonesome, but you’re wrong. The prize might go to this Hong Kong woman who pooped so hard she was sent to the hospital and 2009

That’s right. Her poop sent her back in time.

She had a hard time

According to reports, the woman had been constipated for two weeks, which was caused her a lot of stomach pain and discomfort.

One day, she decided to let it all out with another attempt on the toilet bowl.

See a famous example of case in point below:

When she finally reemerged, she was unable to remember anything that happened since 2009 — 10 years of memories wiped just like that.

Gradually, her amnesia lifted after 8 hours, and her memories returned.

No explanation at first

Doctors were stumped. They didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, and her brain looked normal. The woman didn’t even recall having any amnesia at all. It took a visit to a neurosurgeon to get the answers they needed.

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Luckily, the specialist discovered the link between her constipation and her condition. Because she had been straining so hard, her body experienced an increase in abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure, which effectively cut off circulation to the brain. This led to the temporary amnesia she experienced.

The doctor advises that anyone who experiences memory loss from any kind strenuous activity such as lifting heavy objects should see a doctor immediately, as there’s a high chance of a stroke occurring.

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