Twitter drops egg icon hoping to eradicate online abuse

Twitter has removed its default egg icon to deter online trolls who hid behind them to launch anonymous online attacks.

#NEWSINBRIEF SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter has hatched a plan to drop its egg icon on Monday (April 3) to deter online trolls who hid behind them to cyber-bully others. For seven years, the default display picture for new Twitter users was an egg icon, which can be customised subsequently. According to Twitter, they have noticed that some users who engaged in online abuse left their original display picture unchanged.

Some took to Twitter to deride the move and its efficacy in fighting online abuse. In February this year, Twitter improved its campaign to eradicate “abusive accounts”. Another feature also enabled “safe searches” which deletes tweets that contain controversial content and those from blocked accounts. Twitter has faced problems of harassment from the beginning and cracking down has been challenging as users can create anonymous accounts.

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