Travel alert: S’poreans warned to avoid Indonesia; 6 die in riots

Photo: EPA

Singaporeans are advised to cancel upcoming travel plans to Indonesia due to the ongoing protests that have claimed 6 lives and wounded 200.

The Singaporean Embassy in Indonesia had made the announcement a week earlier that violence was predicted in tandem with the election results. Unfortunately, these fears have been realised as many parts of Indonesia are now in turmoil.

Places affected

Peaceful protests began peacefully at the General Elections Commission headquarters in Jakarta on Tuesday, on the election results day, but they quickly turned violent.

Photo: Dita Alangkara/AP

Prior to the protest, the police intercepted a plot by Islamic State-affiliated groups to bomb the area. Now, over 30,000 police and military are deployed in hotspots such as Tanah Abang, Thamrin, Sabang and Menteng, clashing with protesters and leaving 6 dead.

Photo: Dita Alangkara/AP

Additionally, the Australian government has warned its people to avoid visiting the country, especially popular tourist destinations like Bali where there is an increased risk of violence

Why is this happening?

The election results showed that Joko Widodo had won the presidency for a second term, taking 55.5% of votes.

Photo: Willy Kurniawan/Reuters

However, his longtime rival Prabowo Subianto claims that the results of the election are rigged, although the election commission denied these claims.

Thousands of his supporters have flooded the streets to protest since the results were announced, and is entering into its third day. Mr. Prabowo had called for supporters to protest peacefully but his calls have gone unheard.

Photo: Willy Kurniawan/Reuters

The Indonesian government is now clamping down on social media to prevent fake news from spreading and fueling further protests.

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