South Korea grappling with worsening air pollution

South Korea has been covered by smog for weeks, making it the world’s most polluted country today.


#NEWSINBRIEF SEOUL – A dangerous smog has blanketed Seoul periodically for weeks, resulting in South Korea skyrocketing to become the world’s most polluted country. Seoul’s Air Quality Index level’s record of 174 was surpassed by Pyeongtaek on March 31. The sale of products like face masks and air purifiers has surged, as a result. South Korea has been struggling with deteriorating air quality every year. Kim Jeong In, an Economics Professor, said that the state authorities should progress in a more eco-friendly direction and believes that Korea and China should work together to research on air pollution. A report released in Nature on Thursday (March 30) has also shown that almost 30900 Koreans and Japanese die earlier every year due to the worsening quality of air in their countries.

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