Russia Arrests Two Suspected Terror Group Recruiters After The Bombing on 3 April

Fear is on the rise after the bombings of Russian’s metro on 3 April. The arrest of 2 suspected terror group recruiters highlights the threat of terrorism in Russia, particularly in Kyrgyzstan, the hotbed of terror groups’ recruitment.

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SAINT PETERSBERG – While the Russian government is trying their best to stop the threat of terrorism, terror groups are also eager to expand their recruitment of individuals from all over the world.

Two suspected terror group recruiters have been arrested in Saint Petersberg, justice authorities said on Saturday (Apr 15). The recruiters are believed to be linked with “terrorists” in Central Asia and are also connected with a bomb attack on the Russian city’s metro.

It is believed that one suspect, aged 32, is recruiting for ISIS, while the other suspect, aged 39, is accused of recruiting members for “terrorist organisations in Syria”.

One of the suspects originated from the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan, an area where many are recruited to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Fourteen people have died and even more injured in the bombing on April 3. It is believed that the 22-year-old Akbarjon Djalilov, a Russian national born in Kyrgyzstan, was responsible for the blast.

Although none of the terror groups have claimed to be responsible for the attack, investigators think that it might be linked with the ISIS militants.

Eight people – all of which were from Muslim Central Asia – were detained in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and were accused of being involved in the blast.

Since the start of April, seven Central Asian nationals have been arrested by Saint Petersberg police as they have been suspected of being recruiters of terror groups.

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