Over 1,000 S. Korean motel guests were secretly filmed, videos sold online

South Korean National Police Agency

Seoul police have arrested four individuals responsible for secretly filming and selling videos of about 1,600 motel guests online.

The men set up internet-connected spy cameras in 42 motel rooms at 30 motels across 10 cities in the North and South Gyeongsang and Chungcheong provinces between Nov 24, 2018, to March 2, 2019. They installed ultra-mini 1mm cameras in the motel rooms and bathrooms. Their minuscule size meant that they could be installed on top of TVs, hair dryers and wall sockets, with the footage streamed online.

Over 4,000 members used the website, with almost a hundred of them paying a $44.95 monthly subscription fee allowing them to access extra features including rewinding live footage.

In total, the group of men have pocketed 7 million Won (S$8,375.12) throughout the length of their operations.

‘My Life is Not Your Porn’, the rallying slogan of Korean women this past year. Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Korea has a massive problem of upskirt videotaping and secret filming of women with 2017 having over 6,000 cases reported. Women have been protesting ever since, yet they complain that nothing is being done to fix the issue.

Women are increasingly taking things into their own hands, forming voluntary squads that patrol and spot-check spycam hotspots.

A hidden-camera search squad in action. Min Joo Kim

However, protesters are angered at the perceived impunity granted towards the men that film them, with some reportedly released briefly after being arrested.

This signals the overly light-hearted approach Korean police have towards so-called ‘women’s problems’ and the growing frustration among the women who want to see justice served.

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