New Zealand’s man-drought forcing women to look elsewhere

Pack your bags gentlemen.


The lack of men in New Zealand has forced some to leave their homes in order to search for a partner, according to the China Press.

In their report, the United Nations reported that men outnumber women in almost every country with women outnumbering men by a staggering 78,000. The gender ratio in New Zealand currently stands at 97 men to 100 women.

Certain regions in the country have it worst – the gender ratio of the Kapiti Coast district is 100 women to 89 men.

“I’m still waiting for my Mr Right to knock on my door. Unfortunately, I was forced to dumb down my requirement due to the limited choices, unless you’re willing to marry a guy who’s over 70 years old or below 20 years old.”

– 28 year-old woman in an interview with the China Press

In Taupo, another New Zealand town, women outnumber men by 670. While the number seems small, Skykiwi reported that the number is large enough to affect the population of 33,000.

When one factors in variants such as sexual preference, age and availability, choices are minimal for the women in Taupo. As such, some have gone to Waiouru, a small town consisting of a military camp.

Other towns in New Zealand facing a shortage of men include North Shore, Glenfield and Northcote.

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