M’sian accent one of the top 50 sexiest in the world, S’pore not on the list

done claim.

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The next time you come across a Malaysian, check yourself if you become weak in the knees— because it’s rated as one of the sexiest accents in the world.

Placed at number 39 on the travel site, Big 7 Travel’s list, the Malaysian accent beats the likes of their other Asian counterparts including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Pakistani accents.

The list was compiled after the website polled its readers from across the globe. Here’s more about the results.

Damn sexy lah

According to the website, the Malaysian accent is allegedly “becoming increasingly Americanised”. Interestingly, “Manglish” (abbreviated from “Malaysian English”) beat out the New Yorker accent which placed at number 44— described as having a quality of being “fast and hypernasal, yet quite charming at times.”

Unfortunately, Singlish did not even place on the list. Yes, take cover because once Malaysia goes on to claim something (food-related), only an outright war can win it back.

To be fair, the Malaysian accent is so widespread that even Singaporeans have adopted it into their vernacular without even realising it.

Yup the origins of everyday words like ‘mamak’, ‘lan si’, ‘potong stim’, ‘yum cha’, and even ‘d’ are of Manglish origin.

All we know is, Malaysians damn lan si d.

Other accents close to home

Well, how did the other Asian accents fare? Apparently, the Thai accent was dubbed “tonal, but hugely sexy”, while Pakistani was “often mistaken for Indian”.

Chinese and Japanese English accents were considered “soft” and “gentle”, although not quite as sexy as Manglish.

While the Indian accent was “fast”, it was “attractive” and “easy on the ears”. Vietnamese was considered tonal, which is deemed to be sexy.

The sexiest Asian accent was considered to be Filipino due to it’s “gentle and soft” nature which are “simply lovely”. We couldn’t agree more.

The sexiest accent of all

The top of the list is a surprising one, for the winner is not your stereotypically sexy accent like Spanish or French— those only came in at number 8 and 7 respectively.

It’s the New-Zealanders or “Kiwis” that seem to have the ultimate voice of seduction. Check out the scintillating description below, for Kiwi accents are described as “outrageously charming”.

Perhaps the next time you flirt with someone, skip the American accent and go straight for Kiwi to see them swoon.

Best start brushing up on it now in case, you’ll never know when you’ll need to do some serious damage.



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