Man collects lottery money in a ‘Scream’ mask so his family won’t take his money

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While some people would just be glad if they won the lottery, this man was worried sick.

When he found out he won, he waited 54 days to collect his check because he was mustering up the courage (and a plan) to snag the JMD158.4 million (SGD $1.6 million) check.

Photo: Supreme Ventures

The Jamaican man, only known as A. Campbell, decided to put on a Scream mask so that no one — including his family could recognise him.

Now he says he’s hoping to buy a house with all that cash, although he hasn’t found one he likes yet.

A woman pulled the same stunt last year by collecting her check in a winking emoji mask.

It is apparently common practice in Jamaica for lottery winners to hide their identities like this woman who won a similar amount of money last year.

Photo: Supreme Ventures

Security expert Robert Finzi-Smith explained the phenomena to Jamaica Star:

“Once somebody knows that you’ve come into a sum of money, a little larger than normal, you suddenly start to find that you have relatives that you didn’t know that you had.”

People have done this in other places too.

A woman recently won a court battle in the US to hide her identity after she won the lottery.

But it looks like China takes the prize for the best secret identities:

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There are more horrifying looking ones, but we’re afraid you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

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