Live-streamer tries to eat live octopus but it latches onto her face, she bleeds and cries

This was supposed to be a pleasant ASMR session.

All this Chinese live-streamer wanted to do was eat this live octopus for her viewers and gain the internet fame promised to her, but the intelligent sea creature had other plans.

She flashed a smile at the camera and then proceeded to position the big cephalopod to her face to bite down, but that’s when it attacked.

It latched onto her face like meat hooks

The video ostensibly shows the octopus’s tentacles suctioned on to half of her face, as she struggled to remove it.

At first, it was just her upper lip. She told her viewers, “look how strong its suction is”.

Within moments, it became a horrific tug-of-war as it seemed like the more she pulled, the more the octopus buckled down.

Live and let live

It latched on to her eye area at one point which must have been agonisingly painful as she was crying the whole time.

This is when the ‘Seaside Girl Little Seven’ started to scream. Between her horrified squeals, she tells viewers that “it was painful” and “I can’t remove it.”

She manages to unlock the octopus’s grip from her face at the end and tearfully declares, “I’ll eat it in the next video.”

From the victim to the victor

The octopus managed to do quite a bit of damage to Seaside Girl’s face as a cut had opened on her cheek and was bleeding. “My face is disfigured,” she cried.

The seaside girl has produced various videos of her playing with octopuses on the beach and eating deep fried spicy octopi.

In a previous video, she asked her viewers, “Why none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?” I’d be careful of what you wish for if I were you.

A commenter named Liying Bao Yuyin writes:

“She deserves it. She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too.”

An eye for an eye, right? To watch how the terror unfolds for Seaside Girl, here’s how it went down in the video below:

Video and images taken from Weibo.

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