Dutch teen winds up in the wrong Sydney

An 18-year-old Dutch had wanted to book a ticket to Sydney, Australia, but ended up in the wrong Sydney.


An 18-year-old Dutch teen had wanted to spend the perfect summer on the sandy beaches of Sydney, Australia. Instead, Milan Schipper’s plan was ruined after winding up thousands of kilometres away from Australia staring out at a chilly landscape after he unintentionally booked a flight to Sydney, Canada instead.

“I thought I was going to Australia, but that turned out a little different”, Schipper told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday, March 30 2017.

Milan Schipper had browsed through numerous websites looking for the cheapest flight option from Amsterdam to Sydney and found one that cost approximately €200 cheaper than the others. He realised something was astray when he landed in Toronto for a stopover and caught a glimpse of the plane lined up for the final leg of his flight – a small Air Canada. He realised his blunder only after boarding the plane and checking the flight map.

However, it was too late to change his flight by then so Schipper continued the journey, subsequently arriving in Sydney, Nova Scotia dressed in nothing but a T-shirt, sweatpants and a thin jacket. He then approached a few airline staffs to explain his unfortunate predicament. He decided against a direct flight to Australia, which would have cost him another US$1600 and more than 30 hours of travel. Instead, he opted to go home, hence spending 5 hours in Sydney’s airport before heading to Toronto and then the Netherlands.

However, this is not the first time that travellers made this careless mistake, BBC reported.

In 2002, two British teens were caught in the same predicament and ended up in Sydney, Nova Scotia, instead of Australia. In 2008, an Argentine tourist also made a similar mistake and landed in the wrong Sydney. So did a Dutch grandfather and his son in 2009, and Italian tourists in 2010. Earlier this year, an elderly couple were also wheeled to the wrong gate and ended up on the wrong flight to New York instead of Michigan.

According to a travel website, some of the cities that have the same name in different countries include Paris, Texas; London, Ontario; Perth, Scotland; St Petersburg, Florida, and many more.

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