A Chinese father abuses daughter to win his ex-wife back

A man has been arrested for hitting his toddler and uploading the video of the gross act online with the hope of winning his ex-wife back.


DAQING – In a gross attempt to gain attention from his ex-wife, a man from Heilongjiang Province, China, had filmed himself slapping his daughter repeatedly while she was sleeping.

The video sparked outrage from netizens who saw the man slapping the toddler continuously as she wailed in distress. Netizens have condemned the act as “cruel”, “vicious” and “disgusting”, among many others. After the recording was uploaded online, the police took action immediately.

According to China Central Television Station (CCTV), the father, surnamed Jiang, has since been arrested and had confessed that he wanted his ex-wife to see the video and hopefully win her back. However, things did not go his way and he was detained for 15 days while his ex-wife took custody of the child.

Such child abuse acts are not the first to have happened. In fact, many children in the world have found themselves caught in such a predicament.

In November 2016, the Daily Mail reported a viral video from Kazakhstan which showed a woman smacking a baby hard across the face repeatedly. Early this year, another video surfaced which showed a Saudi Arabian father slapping his infant daughter.

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