Australian doctor’s registration suspended temporarily for misconduct

Dr Levick’s license has been suspended for two months after slapping an uncooperative patient in the face.


AUSTRALIA – An Australian doctor David John Levick, 68, will be suspended temporarily from practice after allegedly slapping a patient with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on December 12 2013.

Dr Levick has worked as a general practitioner at a medical centre in Queensland ever since he migrated to Australia from South Africa in 2008. He also has three decades of experience in the medical field.

The incident took place in Dr Levick’s consultation room where he was treating a male patient who had been diagnosed with ADHD. He tried to make the boy swallow a pill, but the boy had refused and thrown the capsule across the room. At one point during the consultation, Dr Levick even placed his shoes on top of the child’s feet which were only clad in sandals.

After 50 minutes, Dr Levick got frustrated and slapped the patient across his face, resulting in his mother filing a complaint with the police. He has since been charged with assault by the police.

The young boy had been seeing Dr Levick for almost six years and the relationship between the doctor, the boy and his mother had been cordial.

Dr Levick has pleaded guilty to his offence and was fined $A2500. His registration will be suspended for two months starting from May 2017. The verdict delivered in Brisbane on Wednesday (April 5) has described his misconduct as unprofessional and preposterous.

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