10 uni students arrested for playing PUBG in India

Photo: Sportskeeda

Playing PUBG aka ‘The Scourge of God‘ or the “demon in every house”, according to a minister, has led to the arrests of 10 students in India.

The hugely popular game has been banned in the Indian state of Gujarat since last week, due to fears that it may affect the “behaviour, conduct and language” of gamers.

The 10 students represent the first high profile arrests reported as authorities work to enforce the ban, and were released on the day itself. They wait to be tried in court for breaking the law.

One officer said, “This game is highly addictive and the accused were so engrossed in playing them that they could not even notice our team approaching them”, adding that their phones were seized to aid in investigations.

India is experiencing rapid economic growth with more and more of its citizens having access to cheap smartphones has brought the internet to millions overnight.

According to the Indian Express, Gujarat has also banned the MOMO challenge for similar fears to PUBG.

What do you think? Overreacting or well deserved? PUBG-mania has led to some pretty bizarre headlines, like the man who left his pregnant wife because of his PUBG addiction or another who was so engrossed, he drank acid by accident.



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