Driving her way to earning S$6,000 a month

Grab driver has reported that she earns S$6,000 monthly, after deducting expenses.

SINGAPORE – According to an article by Today, Chen Roujie, a woman Grab driver has reported that she earns S$6,000 monthly, after deducting her car rental fees, petrol costs and Grab’s 20 percent commission.

Her total takings a month could range from S$9,000 to S$10,000, or more.

Although the driver has the freedom to manage their driving hours, Chen chooses to drive nine hours daily. That happened when her shift was changed to full-time, after experimenting as a Grab driver for nine months.

Chen did acknowledged however that her income is not always stable. There was a point in time where she fell sick and could not work for a week but was still required to pay rental fees for her car.

In addition, unlike a full-time job elsewhere, private drivers do not enjoy medical benefits and Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions. And depending on the amount of passengers they pick up on a given day, the income is unpredictable.

But the flexibility of the job was a draw. “(I don’t) need to jam in the train (or) the bus, and will not be scolded if I’m late for work,” Chen said.

While this may seem like an attractive job to many, there are concerns as to whether such a career path may face the risk becoming obsolete in the future, especially with advancing technology like driverless cars.

Based on data by Grab and Uber Singapore, about 20 to 30 per cent of drivers are below the age of 30, suggesting that younger people are more willing to take up a career in private chauffeured service. It is unclear if these young drivers are doing this as a primary source of income.

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