Key takeaways to note regarding the arrest of two S’porean auxilliary police officers

If your friend kaysiao, you need to paoto.


If you haven’t heard, two AETOS auxilliary police officers have been arrested in June 2017 – one for planning to participate in the armed conflict in Syria, and the other for abetment and failing to notify the Police of his colleague’s plans.


Muhammad Khairul bin Mohamed, 24 was issued with the Order of Detention for his intention to undertake armed violence in Syria; Mohamed Rizal bin Wahid, 36 was issued with a Restriction Order for supporting Khairul’s intentions.

Here are the key takeaways:

No place for ISIS sympathisers who want to join the armed conflict in Syria

Participating in an armed conflict overseas or even planning to do so is illegal for all Singaporeans.

The Government takes a very stern view of anyone who supports, promotes, undertakes or makes preparations to undertake armed violence, regardless of how they rationalise such violence ideologically, or where the violence takes place.

Report to authorities or risk getting charged

There is a law called “Abetment”. According to the penal code Chapter 224, a person abets the doing of a thing who —

(a) instigates any person to do that thing;
(b) engages with one or more other person or persons in any conspiracy for the doing of that thing, if an act or illegal omission takes place in pursuance of that conspiracy, and in order to the doing of that thing; or
(c) intentionally aids, by any act or illegal omission, the doing of that thing.
Explanation 1.—A person who, by wilful misrepresentation, or by wilful concealment of a material fact which he is bound to disclose, voluntarily causes or procures, or attempts to cause or procure, a thing to be done, is said to instigate the doing of that thing.

Translated in Singlish: If your friend kaysiao, you need to paoto.

An AETOS officer who spoke to Observer+; on the condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to the media, said that Rizal was not ‘religious in nature’ so his colleagues were surprised to learn of his arrest.

Unfortunately, Rizal actions in encouraging Khairul to die in Syria as a “martyr” and even suggesting ways to get there were sufficient evidence to charge Rizal under abetment.

Several relatives and friends also knew of Khairul’s intention to fight in Syria, but none of them came forward. It is not known if they will be charged.

MHA reminded the public in a statement:

“Anyone who is aware of a person becoming involved in terrorism-related activities, including planning or taking steps to travel to conflict zones to take part in an armed conflict, or who observes suspicious activities or signs of radicalisation, should promptly inform the Internal Security Department (1800-2626-ISD).”

– Ministry of Home Affairs

Read K Shanmugam’s response here.

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