FB Messenger now has a secret Dark Mode you can activate using the 🌙 emoji

Photo: TeknoGadget and Emojipedia

You know that feeling of opening your phone screen at night and having what feels like lasers burning into your retina? Apparently, Facebook has been listening to your screams because they’re introducing a dark mode for their messenger app.

Unfortunately, the feature is still in an experimental stage, so it’s not available to every user yet.

But if you’re a tech hipster or just super edgy, there’s a super secret way to ‘force’ it on:

Image: Emojipedia

That’s right:🌙. All you need is to send a friend (or yourself) a crescent moon emoji to activate dark mode.

This is what the process should like according to Says:

The shower of falling moons (left) and the pop-up that should follow.

Immediately after sending the emoji, a shower of moons should make it rain on your screen followed by a ‘You’ve found dark mode!’ notification.

A toggle will appear in your setting menu which will transform your app to this once turned on:

A comparison of the default Messenger (left) vs. in 'Dark Mode'.

Now you can save your battery and your eyes while you’re texting bae at midnight.

You need to make sure that your app is fully updated before you try this trick. Note that some people have tried even with the latest update, but it didn’t work for them.

Apparently, only a select few are lucky enough. Are you one of them?

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