This girl in Singapore got a bouquet made up of $3,000 notes for Valentine’s Day

No pressure.

Photo: Wish Flora Garden

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than lots of disposable income, right?

A Malaysian man had the right idea when he gave his partner in Singapore a bouquet of flowers made up of cold hard cash for Valentine’s Day.

It was made out of S$1,000 notes and RM6,000 (~S$2,000) worth of banknotes, totalling to around S$3,000. That must be one heavy bouquet—heavy for the heart, that is.

His gift went viral after a florist in KL named Wish Flora Garden was asked by China Press what they’re most expensive order was.

“He ordered the flowers two months in advance and he came to collect it before the Chinese New Year,” the florist said.

That’s a lot of time and money put into that bouquet — luckily the girl is reportedly happy about the gift — but who wouldn’t be, right?

No pressure, but what are you planning to give your beau this V day? Let us know in the comments.

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