S’porean man could die in a week unless he receives a liver donation, his son pleads

A son’s desperate plea to his fellow Singaporeans who have the potential to save his dying father’s life.

Eddie Tan has end-stage liver disease and will not survive unless he receives a new liver with a rare blood type (O+) soon.

“He cannot eat, cannot drink, cannot sleep”

His son, Leslie Tan, has been working tirelessly to find a donor for his ill father who has but a week to live. He and his sibling would have gladly given their father a part of their own liver, except they aren’t of compatible blood types.

While the elder Tan waits for good news, he suffers daily from excruciating pains that prevents him from eating, drinking or sleeping.

Leslie says his father has 10 litres of water trapped in his body, leading to extreme bloatedness as you can see from the photos.

Quick liver donation facts

The idea of donating an organ might be intimidating to some, but nowadays, medical advancement has made it very easy and safe. Here are some facts about liver donations to help you with your decision:

  1. They only need part of your liver. Whole organ liver donations from live donors are never done because the liver is a vital organ.
  2. The liver regenerates itself. After a part of your liver is taken, it immediately regenerates itself to its original mass.
  3. Recovery is quick. Donors typically spend only a week in bed rest and can resume regular activities as they recover over the next 2 months.

Here are the donor criteria

In addition to having a compatible blood type of O+, donors must have the following criteria:

  • 21-55 years old
  • Weighs between 70-95kg
  • Medically fit

If you are willing and able to give this man a new life, please contact Leslie at this number 93253693 or on his Facebook page.

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