Smoking cabins in S’pore are here and they are air conditioned

Soon, Singaporean smokers don’t have to worry if they’re committing a crime in public when they light up in public. By the end of the year, 60 smoking cabins could be installed in key locations.

1,150 cigarette butts in 10 days

The smoking cabin might just be officially launched today (21 May), but they have been fully operational for a couple of weeks now. And so far, smokers seem to be loving them based on the 1,150 cigarette butts collected within the first 10 days since the smoking cabins were launched.

Photo: Stefen Choo

Photo: Stefen Choo

Not a hot box

These smoking cabins are not meant to be torture devices for smokers; they’re actually pretty comfortable with air conditioning set at 25°C-27°C during the day.

Photo: Joel Lim

They’re also pretty spacious, allowing up to 10 smokers to occupy it at a time.

Photo: Joel Lim

Cleaner than regular air

The smoking cabin was produced with the environment in mind. They actually convert harmful clouds of smoke into”99.95 percent pure air”, according to Southern Globe Corporation (SGC), the company behind the invention.

Image: SGC

Take a look at SGC’s explainer video for their creative solution to pollution and secondhand smoke.

Hopefully, the smoking cabins can incentivise more responsible smoking habits in Singapore, as opposed to the more hardline approach the government takes towards smokers which includes handing out fines that go up to $1,000 for each offence.

Apparently, enforcement is so strict that a man got fined standing in a Designated Smoking Area (DSA) with one foot outside the line. Read about it here.

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