Singaporean couple parks car in JB for 5 minutes, gets everything stolen

Tl;dr: Bringing a S’porean car to M’sia is a bad idea.

Photos: Huz Razy

A Singaporean couple who wanted to run their errands in Johor found their car broken into with essentials and valuables were stolen Thursday, 24 January.

They parked their car at Taman Pelangi to make a quick stop at a nearby money changer.

Returning after only 5 minutes later, they found the car back window smashed with their wallet, bag, passport and other personal belongings taken.

On a Facebook post, the couple warned the public to be careful in JB, considering how troublesome it is to get documents done to return to Singapore.

“To whoever who drives to Johor Bahru frequently, please be extra careful”.

-Huz Razy

Seemingly distraught, they resorted to a trash bag and tape to cover the missing window.

What a garbage day. Photo: Huz Razy

Netizens didn’t seem to require his advice and instead offered some of their own.

A few were telling the couple to realise they weren’t in Singapore anymore.

Others were harsher than was necessary.

A good samaritan had enough sense to call out the victim blaming.

A note to Singaporeans: you might want to take notes on some of the valuable advice given here.

And while most of us 100% don’t deserve to be the victim of crime in Malaysia, probably best to take note that the customs and public safety (or lack thereof) may seem foreign to most visitors.

Even their next-door-neighbours like Singapore, apparently.

So before you travel, do some homework and it never hurts to be ultra-careful even when visiting your neighbours.

Not all of them want to lend you some sugar. You never know when you might be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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