Maid refused right to dine at the Singapore Cricket Club due to “no-maids” policy

“Sometimes the people running these places can be more colonial than the colonials.”

A netizen’s maid was denied access to a restaurant in the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) due to an unspoken “no-maids” policy.

What happened?

Netizen Nicholas Bloodworth shared on Facebook Monday evening (Nov 26) about his ordeal when he took his family to The Victoria Room to have dinner after watching his nephew’s rugby game at the SCC.

Bloodworth was with his dad, brother, his wife, three children and the brother’s helper, Mary.

“…we adjourned to the The Victoria Room, a restaurant in the club just as fancy as its colonial title. So fancy in fact, that we were blatantly told by a member of the staff that they “Don’t allow maids here.” Good, old-timey discrimination.”

– Netizen Nicholas Bloodworth

When Bloodworth clarified further, the “middle-aged Chinese staffer” asserted that maids are not allowed in the club and that the helper has to wait in the carpark.

“I will know (if she is a maid)”

Bloodworth’s sister-in-law then asked: “Well, how do you know she’s not my cousin?”

His response: “I will know”.

The family eventually relented and took their spot at the dining table while the helper Mary “shrugged the whole thing off” and took Bloodworth’s infant niece for a walk.

“I tried to find another place for dinner during my walk, but it was getting late, my father is old and the kids needed to get home in time for bed. By the time I returned from my walk, the family was already seated in The Victoria Room…”

– Netizen Nicholas Bloodworth

No-maids policy should have been transparent

Bloodworth’s main gripe is with the lack of clarity in SCC’s policy of not allowing maids in its venue.

“What I’m asking them is this: if you guys have this type of policy, then why aren’t you OPEN and CRYSTAL CLEAR about it.”

– Netizen Nicholas Bloodworth

A cursory check with SCC’s website did not reveal anything about a no-maids policy.

Observer+ did however find a document detailing the ‘bye-laws’:

3. Domestic Help Providers and Chauffeurs
No domestic help providers or chauffeurs may be brought into the ground or use any of the facilities at the ground.

This is the The Victoria Room at the SCC:

Discrimination, not racism

While Bloodworth originally called the issue out as racism, a commenter pointed out that it is in fact a matter of discrimination.

Some commenters were equally riled up:

Others reserved judgement:

SCC confirms “no-maids” and “no-chauffeurs” policy

A spokesman for the SCC in 2001 confirmed that “members were not allowed to bring in maids or chauffeurs.”

Early that year, a woman who dined with her Sri Lankan maid at the SCC was banned for life by its members.

More colonial than the colonials

In response to the lifetime ban, one English member quipped, “I think a reprimand would have done the trick. Sometimes the people running these places can be more colonial than the colonials.”

Here’s Bloodworth’s post in full:

So this happened. What I thought would be an enjoyable occasion with my dad, brother, his wife, three children and…

Posted by Nicholas Bloodworth on Monday, 26 November 2018

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