Local actress Rui En slammed for being rude to her elderly neighbours

A neighbour has had an unpleasant experience with local actress Rui En who had slammed his telephone twice in rage.

PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

According to a complaint received by a Chinese-language tabloid, a neighbour has had an unpleasant experience with local actress Rui En who had slammed his telephone twice in rage.

The incident happened on the evening of April 20, at 6 pm. Rui En had apparently locked herself out of her home and could not get through to her helper who was not at home at the time. As her phone was dead, Rui En went to her neighbours asking for a power bank.

The neighbours, an elderly couple, recounted that Rui En’s first words to him when he opened the door was, “Lend me your power bank. My phone is dead.”

The elderly couple did not have a power bank but invited the actress into their home instead to use their landline.

Rui En lost her patience when the numbers she dialled failed to connect, causing her to slam down the phone twice. When she finally got through, she reportedly told her helper that she was waiting for the latter to return to open the door.

The elderly neighbour’s wife told the tabloid that throughout the incident, Rui En appeared to be agitated and impatient. She even ordered the wife to head upstairs to retrieve some of her items.

They also said that Rui En did not thank them.

The following day (April 21), Rui En brought a gift basket to the neighbours as a token of apology, but while the neighbours accepted her apology, they declined the gift.

“We hoped the Rui En would be more aware of her words and actions, and not vent herself when she has the goodwill of others.”

– Rui En’s neighbours

When contacted by Lianhe Wanbao, Rui En’s manager said that this was a private dispute between neighbours which has been settled.

This is not the first time Rui En has been cited for behaviour that reeks of self-entitlement.

On April 2016, Rui En was involved in a car accident when she was driving into a carpark near her home. Her BMW knocked over a stationary motorcycle in the carpark. When confronted by the motorcycle owner, she reportedly said: “Do you know who I am?”. She was fined S$700.

Rui En’s BMW had knocked down a motorcycle

On December 2016, a netizen shared a video of an unsafe driver along Orchard Road. The netizen said that he was approaching a cross junction and slowed his vehicle to about 30km/h when the black BMW suddenly jumped his lane and overtook his vehicle.

Rui En later acknowledged that the car was hers and that she drove in that manner when she found out that she was in the wrong lane.


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