Netizen: “Use the lift”? How about “Use the bloody escalator instead!”


The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) recently launched an “Escalator Safety” campaign, encouraging commuters handling bulky items or strollers to ‘use the lift instead’.

Who’s who of who cares?

Now, if you are not familiar with Singapore’s train stations, the elevators are usually jammed packed with alighting commuters. Regardless if you are carrying bulky items or not, it’s not a matter of who needs the elevator the most but rather, it’s pretty much the who’s who of who cares.

Commenters on BCA’s Facebook page were quick to condemn the campaign, with most calling out the authority to raise awareness on the inconsiderate use of elevators by able-bodied commuters.

One even wanted another poster:

And a poster was made.

“If you are not the elderly, or not physically impaired? (sic) Use the bloody escalator instead!”

One Muhd Sharom figured an effective campaign should be targeted at the more relevant commuters.

Lets not only educate parents with strollers etc…The door swings both ways…Jgn ckp Abang tak payung…Sorry if pic edit no standard coz Abam only use hp…😂😂😂

Posted by Muhd Shahrom on Friday, 21 December 2018


We don’t think SMRT will approve putting up the amended poster in the stations though.

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