Man in viral video faces 2 years in jail for molesting beer promoter

A Chinese national who allegedly molested a beer promoter has been charged today (May 23) and he could face up to 2 years in jail thanks to the new legislation in place.

Viral video

The man, Yu Zhiyong, 41, who appeared in a viral video after he reportedly smacked the right buttock of a 30-year-old beer promoter using his left hand at an establishment in Woodlands on Saturday night (May 18).

The video below shows the aftermath of the incident taken from the Facebook page of  SG Kay Poh.

Yu (in red) can be seen sitting down while his unidentified friend in blue films the police who were confronting Yu for his actions.

The man in blue receives comments from bystanders that he should respect the police but he seems defiant. Yu, on the other hand, seems relatively calm about the whole affair.

Court date: May 30

Yu was released on bail for S$5,000 and is expected to appear in court next week (May 30). He faces up to 2 years of jail, a fine and/or caning, with any combination of the above. His friend was not charged according to reports.

He is currently applying for a lawyer under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

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