Local ghost stories to spark the spirit of Halloween

Hungry Ghost Month may be over but you never know what still lurks in the dark.

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Seventh month may be over but Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween Horror Nights is not the real deal but some claim to have truly encountered residents from the afterlife. If you’re feeling sleepy, these stories of supernatural encounters in Singapore will keep you wide-eyed throughout the night.

All character names have been changed to maintain the individual’s privacy.

Guard Duty Best Duty


National Service always brings about its fair share of supernatural encounters. From eerie noises in Tekong bunks to an extra person counting off in your platoon, the stories never end. However, the scariest stories are born from soldiers doing their rounds during guard duty.

This next one might just make you feel a little paranoid the next time you do guard duty. Well, if you have to.

Edwin was posted to an army camp in the West that was filled with old and dilapidated barracks. He thanked the heavens for the posting since he lived in Clementi, a few MRT stops away. But curse his luck, he was given the first weekend guard duty the same week he arrived. Everyone loved to bully the fresh recruit from Tekong.

The corporal who was on the duty roster with him was snoozing away on a chair as Friday night was coming to an end. The rest of the security troopers were patrolling the area and making sure the perimeter of the camp was secure. Edwin sighed as he twiddled with the controls of the walkie talkie he was forcefully given by the corporal, who was already deep in slumber.

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Crackling started coming from his walkie talkie. He assumed there was nothing to report from the soldiers patrolling but he pressed his ear to the walkie talkie even closer.

It was soft but started increasing in volume. As it became loud enough, Edwin could make out the noises that were coming from the other end. It was Chinese opera music. His spine was tingling and made his hair stand on end but his grip on the walkie talkie tightened.

“Hello? Is there anything to report?” Edwin was hoping for a reply. It must be one of those pranks that they pull on first-timers. The music continued to play and got gradually louder. He was trying to make sense of the situation. How could there be any frequencies in this godforsaken area playing Chinese opera music this late at night?

That was when the door of the guard room slammed open and he jumped out of his chair. The soldiers who returned from patrol stood there and looked at him. The walkie talkie was on the floor and he could feel his blood turn cold.

“Bro, don’t spoil the walkie talkie. Later Encik confirm scold you and give you extra if he knows.”

They proceeded to unload their equipment beside him as he continued to stand frozen. The music was not playing from the walkie talkie anymore. It must have been his imagination. He shook out of his stupor and took a gulp before asking his fellow servicemen a question.

“Do any of you listen to Chinese opera by any chance?”

Both of them stopped in their tracks for a moment and then without turning to look at him said softly, “Recruit, don’t ask stupid question. Last time here Chinese cemetery so these things happen. Not the first time so get used to it and don’t ask about it again.”

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Spirit Selfie

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Amirah was always obsessed with taking photos of herself. Whenever she tested her new lipstick or make up set, she just had to take a picture. It doesn’t help that she needed to update her Instagram stories religiously to keep her followers satisfied.

She was a marketing student in polytechnic but rarely paid attention. What’s the point of marketing when she was on her way to becoming a full fledged influencer? Her selfies in the school toilets get way more likes than the polytechnic’s social media pages all combined.

PHOTO: Singapore Polytechnic

Today’s lectures were especially boring so she decided to get a few of her more pleasant looking female friends to take a picture with her in the toilet. They snuck out to the toilet together to freshen up as the lecturer continued to drone about preservation of historic sites in Singapore. In her head she went, “Who in the world would want to preserve a cemetery?”

As her friends gathered in front of the toilet mirror, she positioned her phone above her waist and snapped a picture of their reflections.

“Eh, I think we should rush back. I heard the topics he teaching today will come out in next week’s test.”

Amirah sighed and heeded her friend’s advice. One picture will have to do for today’s post on Instagram.

PHOTO: Walk With Cham

The rest of the school day zoomed past, ironically, and Amirah totally forgot about her daily social media post. On her commute home she scrolled through her photo library and started editing the photo she took earlier. She played around with the contrast and started noticing a white smudge in the corner of the toilet.

“Damn, my camera lens must be dusty. Time to throw a filter on this.”

Before she threw on a filter, she wanted to zoom in on that white smudge to make sure it was the picture and not a dead pixel on her phone screen. She started to second guess herself. It did not look like a smudge as she zoomed in even closer. The smudge started to take on a shape.

The shape of a smiling face of a woman looking right back at her.

Amirah proceeded to delete her whole library of selfies and never took another one again.

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