Lady does not think parents with prams have priority; netizens go ballistic

“Whoever is earlier (sic) gets to take the elevator.”

A lady’s comments about the self-entitlement of parents taking the elevators with prams and to some extent, people with “trolley or even wheelchair” have drawn flak.

The facebook post which screenshotted the supposedly offending comment went viral yesterday (Apr 11) with 1.4K shares.

Netizen Nurull Insyiirahh posted the comment against a picture of parents with baby strollers in an unnamed mall.

“So we’re suppose to let parents w (sic) prams in first? Since when eh? Whoever is earlier gets to take the elevator. Doesn’t matter if you have a pram or trolley or even wheelchair. Pls stop being so entitled. Thanks.”

– Nurull Insyiirahh

Netizens go mad

Out of 500+ comments about Nurull’s ancestry, morality, upbringing and general existence, here are a couple of constructive ones:

Lifts in malls are usually crowded and parents with bulky items are usually made to wait for a very long time before the next lift becomes available to contain their trolleys.

In defence

50/50 yay or nay

And then you have this guy

Translated: “Her stupidity is like WirelessSG level. Everywhere have.

The perceived firestarter allegedly suffers from an ailment

Nurul Lahh who she says is Nurull (thank goodness fo typo for easier differentiation) Insyiirahh’s sister, claimed that Nurull “suffers from an ailment that requires her to be in a wheelchair a lot.”

“She doesn’t advertise her usage of the wheelchair. If she had, maybe the reactions would have been different,” she added.

“I still stand by what I said”

Nurull later posted a clarification to her post:

In a nutshell, Nurull feels that it is “not an obligation for anyone to let parents with strollers take the elevator first” because “they are not in an emergency” or “at the mrt station or a hospital”.


Nurull then rambled on with another comment in Malay to clarify her stance.


I’m typing this once because all of you keep saying the same thing. I’m getting tired to explain so I’m making this easier for all of you. Out of everyone that disagreed with me, none of you know me. So don’t say that I’ve never pushed a stroller, take care of a wheelchair-bound elderly, or sit on a wheelchair (myself). Since you don’t know me, most of you points are invalid.

Next, it’s just my opinon. Why are you all triggered? I didn’t used vulgarities on you. If you feel you are right then do your own way. I never said other people are wrong. This is just my view. Think about that ok?

And then for those you cursed and cussed at me, prayed for bad things, I don’t want to entertain because I don’t want to waste time. You have no valid arguments at all, you’re way off the grid. But those who involved my mom or my family, don’t make it personal ah ok? Be mindful of your words when you are speaking of someone else. But don’t expect an apology from me. From what I see, again for the millionth time, I am just stating my opinion. Why should I apologise when you feel easily triggered?

And lastly, thanks for the entertainment guys. Really appreciate it but my drama series on cable finish already and I have better use of my time. So have a think about whether I’m that bad or is it most of you (that’s bad). I’m pretty sure most of you are older than me so just think about it. That’s all for now.


Here’s the original post:

Here’s another news about escalators:
Netizen: “Use the lift”? How about “Use the bloody escalator instead!”

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