If you buy expensive drinks, you shouldn’t complain about Nasi Padang, says chef

Add this to the list of things I feel attacked by.

Photo: Shahrizal

A chef’s Facebook post implores Singaporeans to open their eyes to the double standards they hold.

Singaporeans tend to complain about the relatively high prices of a Nasi Padang dish ($6) which is around twice the price of economy rice.

But often, the same people who whine and dine are also the people who spend even more money on other foods which don’t exactly read ‘bang for your buck’, according to this chef.

Paying $7.50 Teh O Ice that costs $0.70

Shahrizal Salleh posted a picture of him enjoying his sakura cold brew tea at CBTL to make a statement.

He says he isn’t complaining about this $7.50 Teh O Ice which can only cost “$0.70” but he wants to point out how others could happily pay the same amount yet go on Facebook to complain about the Nasi Padang prices which are cheaper.

Not only is it cheaper, but you also get “a mount of fluffy white rice, one meat item, two vegetable dishes, kuah assam pedas drowning the rice plus condiments of serunding and sambal belachan”.

“I feel their pain… I’m also a chef”

As someone who works in the FnB industry, Shahrizal wants Singaporeans to show empathy to the mak ciks and pak ciks tending their shops.

It doesn’t cross people’s minds that franchises like CBTL have a lot of money to spend on marketing to achieve high bargaining power for their goods.

The mak ciks on the other hand, have to grapple with high rental prices and word of mouth.

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