Cool 22°C weather in S’pore for December; “scorching heatwave” in London

1 died and 73 others hospitalised in 23.2°C weather.

The moonsoon season is here, and so is 22°C, said the Meteorological Service Singapore.

Temperatures are expected to range between 24°C and 32°C in the first half of December, with an occasional low of between 22°C and 23°C.

Expect frequent wet showers that could extend into the evening.

“Winter” in Singapore, heatwave in London

The London Marathon in April this year was the hottest on record at 23.2°C.

A 29-year old runner died after collapsing from heatstroke. 73 others were hospitalised.

Here’s what Singapore would probably look like in winter:

Images courtesy of Singaporean artist Sean Lee

Here’s a friendly reminder by our friendly neighbourhood vigilanteh:

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