Choose flat fare pricing from 10 April onwards With ComfortDelGro’s cab app

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With competition from Grab and Uber, ComfortDelGro introduces a new pricing option for commuters. From 10 April onwards, commuters can compare flat fare and metered prices when they book a cab through Comfort’s cab hailing app.

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SINGAPORE – Transport company ComfortDelGro has launched a flat fare option in its app, available since April 10. This would mean that commuters will be able to see the flat fare option alongside the metered fare before making their bookings.

This is after ride-hailing app, GRAB, launched a new dynamic pricing system of their own called “JustGrab” where the fares vary depending on demand.

ComfortDelGro flat fare takes into consideration the distance travelled and the cost of existing surcharges. Commuters will not incur any additional surcharges once they have chosen the flat fare option, unless they make unplanned stops along their route.

If commuters wish to make a stop en-route, a $5 charge will be added to the flat fare for each stop. In addition, expressway toll charges still applies.

A distinct difference between flat and metered fare rates is that traffic jams and other delays will not lead to an increase in fares.

In order to encourage more drivers to take in flat fare bookings, ComfortDelgro will be waiving all flat fare call bookings.

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