Bald man attacks smoker with saw at Geylang as he didn’t want to stop smoking

A restaurant fight with a twist.

This story starts with a poor bald man who just wanted to have his dinner in peace.

The smoker behind him casually puffing away pushed him over the edge. No one won because both of them sustained severe injuries after he, the bald man, got his hands on a saw and proceeded to attack the offender with it.

Dinner gone awry

At around 8:50 pm, the two men were having dinner at Geylang Lorong 25A. They were sitting at different tables with their backs to one another.

The bald 51-year-old man was happily chowing down with his friends when the man behind him was smoking.

It might not have disturbed him at first, but the smoke from the smoker’s cigarette wafted towards his general direction because the man behind him reportedly kept nudging closer and closer towards him.

Mutually assured destruction

The 51-year-old notified the smoker that the fumes were getting into his face, but the smoker wasn’t happy about that.

He got so ticked off, he stood up and began shouting at the bald man that he was in the right as it was a smoking area.

The bald man backed off and walked away, but not without returning with a vengeance. He soon returned wielding a saw and charged at the unsuspecting smoker.

The 30 cm handsaw was purchased at a local hardware shop— about a 10-minute walk away from where this situation took place.

Photo: Seehua

Photo: See HuaWhen onlookers wanted to have a nice dinner out, they probably never guessed it would have come to this.

The smoker suffered a deep gash from his right ear to cheek causing him to bleed profusely. But he decided he wasn’t going down without a fight. He defended himself by smashing a beer mug on the bald man’s head.

Photo: Seehua

The other patrons helped the smoker pin down the bald man while waiting for the authorities to arrive.

Both of them were taken to the hospital, but as for the bald man, it was just a pitstop to his final station, the police station.

Moral of the story: pick your battles, even though a handsaw showdown at the local restaurant sounds cool, do you want to be known as that bald guy for the rest of your life?

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