Avengers: Endgame tickets sold out? Get them on Carousell for $888

The endgame is finally here. A total of 21 movies and 11 years of build-up have led to this. If you think you can just buy yourself a ticket now, you’re wrong.

Since 9:30 AM today (10 Apr, Wednesday), the mass of fans rushing to buy tickets have caused cinema websites to crash. The ones that finally managed to enter these sites were faced with insane wait times of up to 10 hours.

Easy (and expensive) solution: Carousell

You could wait for half a day staring at your phones, but they’d probably be sold out by then anyway.

Luckily, some fans who managed to snag some tickets had a brilliant (and devilish) idea to sell them on Carousell with a profit margin of up to 350 times the original price.

Here are some of the pricier options we spotted

1. $888 for couple seats

2. $1,500 for 4 tickets ($375 each)

3. $344 for one ticket (with dinner for extra value)

Here are the more reasonably priced ones

1. $15 for 1 ticket, $36 for 3 tickets

2. $13.50 for 1 ticket

Then there were the ones that wanted to make a statement

1. $300 million for entire cinema

2. $696,969,696,969 for Avengers but everyone has the same haircut as Hawkeye

What would you do to watch Endgame?

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