8 S’poreans share the most interesting conversations they’ve overheard

Photo: Homemcr

Okay, we know you don’t mean to be nosy. Singapore is so tiny, and the SMRT trains are so packed that you’re bound to be perpetually eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation.

A Redditor asked his fellow Singaporeans, “What are the most interesting conversations you’ve overheard?”. Some realise that for what we lose in privacy, at the very least, others will gain in entertainment. Here are the best eight so far:

1. Gif vs jiff


2. Not so sneaky after all


3. Poor Mark

4. Questionable geography

5. Someone’s shortlisted for Father of the Year Award


6. Technically shouting, but still rude


7. Somebody call Child Protective Service (CPS) now


8. Not sure if “clearly autistic” is politically correct, but aw…

Check out the rest of the hilarious (and troubling) responses on the Reddit thread here.

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