$3,000 reward for missing teddy bear lost at Marina South Pier MRT

Bear-y sad.

Photo: Weibo

A teddy bear might be just another inanimate object to some, but they can mean the world to those who cherish the precious memories it holds.

Recently, a couple was devastated when their teddy bear went missing at Marina South Pier MRT. Their post went viral on the Chinese social network Weibo last Monday (8 Apr) as they pleaded for its safe return.

Photo: Jian Hui

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“My girlfriend has been crying non-stop”

The bear named, Xiao Hong, was like a child to the couple, according to the man that wrote the post but in their hurry, they must’ve left him behind.

“Xiao Hong has been with us for the longest time. Be it eating meals, watching television, or travelling overseas; our teddy bear has been our companion every step of the way.”

He said that they were looking for him for an hour, but he didn’t turn up. They even approached a police officer and requested to review CCTV footage but were unfortunately rejected. A lost teddy bear was deemed an illegitimate reason.

The man says his girlfriend has been crying non-stop and that he was “devastated” too.

Brown bear with a red oriental shirt

This is how Xiao Hong looks. If you find it or him, you should message the couple on Weibo. They have even attached a $3,000 rewards for the safe return of the bear.

Photo: Weibo

The couple has since left Singapore due to work reasons. However, they are hoping that a kind-hearted Singaporean might be the answer to their prayers.

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