$12,000 in 5 weeks with Grab? Anything is possible if you drive 14 hours everyday

No, the Grab driver didn’t actually ‘take-home’ $12,000. Amount is before deductions (eg. Petrol, ERP, parking, psychiatrist fees)

$12,469.50 in gross earnings before deductions to be exact.

But there’s a catch.

You need to drive between 12 to 14 hours daily and sacrifice any semblance of your social life.

Netizen Raw Bean Tanned claimed that his friend earned more than $12,000 in 5 weeks, in a Facebook post published Tuesday (Sep 4). The netizen said his friend has been driving for Grab for about two months.

He even had tips for other Grab drivers:

1. Drive 12-14 hours daily, 7am to 12pm and then 5pm to 12am.
2. Rest 5 hours only.
3. Know when is peak and non-peak periods.
4. Buy secondhand child booster seat to cater to “cheapo latte passengers with kids”
5. Never say no to disabled or handicapped passengers.

One Grab driver was quick to call out the post as misleading.

If you are thinking of joining Grab, hold your horses. Earnings come with the following deductions in mind:

1. ERP fees
2. Season parking fees
3. Monthly loan repayment (if you own your own car) or daily rental fees (if you rent)
4. Petrol

You might want to set aside hospitalisation fees as well in case you get admitted for exhaustion.

On top of the deductions above, Grab takes 20% commission off every booking.

So yes, you can earn ~$12,000 with Grab, ~$15,000 even – if you drive more than 14 hours daily.

Just don’t be this guy:

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