1 in 3 Singaporeans lie on their resumes; biggest liars in the Asia Pacific

Job applicants in Singapore were found to be less than forthcoming about their resumes compared to all of the countries in the Asia Pacific region according to candidates’ background screening firm, First Advantage 2016 survey.

The report was based on data drawn from two million employment background verifications and reference checks across Asia Pacific, including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

At least 30 percent of job resumes from Singaporeans were found to contain “discrepancies“, ranging from contradictory disclosures to flat-out lies.

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Spotlight on work history and educational background

Singaporeans tend to alter their work history and educational background the most.

Details such as employment dates, remuneration, positions held, and reasons for leaving were all given tweaks to present a more idealised image of the job applicant.

Additionally, as much as 22 percent of discrepancies detected were related to applicants’ financial status. Credit-worthiness and bankruptcy status were often not disclosed.

Singapore leading the pack

Right behind Singapore is Hong Kong, with a 26 percent discrepancy rate, the Philippines (24%), and Malaysia (20%) at third place. South Korea, on the other hand, clocked the lowest rate, at just 5 percent. These figures correlate with the recent report that Singapore has the most competitive economy in the world, followed by Hong Kong, in the region.

It appears that the combination of competition and the culture of meritocracy has forced Singaporeans to overinflate their credentials to come across as more appealing to prospective employers.

In March this year, Chin Ming Lik made headlines for obtaining 38 job positions posing as an engineer using fake National University of Singapore (NUS) credentials while only having primary school education.

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