New study: Vaping Increases risk of heart attack by 34% and depression by 55%

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Although you’re more likely to die from getting struck by lightning than a vape pen exploding in your mouth, that doesn’t precisely make vaping safe.

The study conducted at the University of Kansas showed that vapers had drastically higher rates of numerous diseases compared to the general population.

Currently, the study is one of the largest ever to be done on vapers with close to 100,000 participants monitored over a span of a few years.

The results showed that vapers had 34% higher rates of heart attacks, 25% more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease, and 55% more likely to be affected by depression or anxiety compared to non-smokers.

These numbers were maintained even after controlling for other known cardiovascular risk factors such as age, BMI, high cholesterol, and others.

Even those who only smoked “occasionally” saw a noticeable bump in disease rates albeit lesser compared to those who smoked every day.

One of the lead researchers spoke about the implications of the study he was involved in.

“When the risk of heart attack increases by as much as 55 per cent among e-cigarettes users compared to nonsmokers, I wouldn’t want any of my patients nor my family members to vape.”

Dr Mohinder Vindhyal

When the data for vapers was compared to cigarette smokers, it showed that cigarette smoker had even higher rates of disease.

Based on studies on rats, many of the underlining mechanisms that cause heart disease are similar in both vape and cigarettes.

However, there are plenty of unique differences in mechanisms due to the different chemical compounds and method of delivery that are yet to be discovered because of how newly introduced vapes are.

“Cigarette smoking carries a much higher probability of heart attack and stroke than e-cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean that vaping is safe.”

Dr Mohinder Vindhyal

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