TMJC denies threatening gay student after photo of him kissing goes viral

How a kiss brought down the internet.

Photo: HWZ and Kai Ming

It appears Singapore hasn’t completely let go of its colonial baggage.

When a Tampines-Meridian Junior College (TMJC) student posted a photo of him kissing his male partner on IG, all hell broke loose.

A series of events unfolded that began on Singapore’s infamous HardwareZone Forum and ended up with the student allegedly getting threatened by his college.

How did this begin?

Someone from HWZ spotted the photo, screenshotted it and posted in a thread there titled, “Omg ghey couple kissing in SG kissing in public”.

Since Jan. 21, over 400 posts have been made in the thread.

Many were making homophobic comments and calling for action to be taken against them. One member mentioned that they deserve to be infected with HIV while another suggested the couple should be murdered.

Turns out somebody pulled the trigger.

After much stalking, HWZ users were able to find out their particulars including where they went to school.

One forum member wrote an email the TMJC complaining about the photo on the day itself.

The email reads:



I came across this thread regards to one of your student openly kissing his partner in public and it’s been recognised that he’s one of your student by the name of -.


FYA (For your action)


[Link to the HWZ Forum thread.]


[Link to an image hosting site, displaying the Instagram photo.]”

Student claims threats made

It appears HWZ forum members have been watching the development of the situation closely.

They have shared more screenshots of the student’s IG stories.

The student complains that the school ordered him to delete his post because it is “bothering”.

Another screenshot from IG, this time apparently from the student’s boyfriend is shared.

He claims that the school not only asked him to remove the post but claimed that they wanted to “protect” the school’s reputation even though neither affiliated themselves with the school.

Moreover, TMJC allegedly threatened to file a police report if the student doesn’t comply.

TMJC denies this allegation

When contacted the TMJC principal for comments, she denied the school made a police report.

“We then advised the student that it would be in his interest to remove the post to protect his privacy and wellbeing. We did not mention the filing of a police report.


We have always taught our students to behave with propriety on-line and in all other situations.”

– Pamela Yoong, TMJC Principal

At this point, it’s not confirmed what really occurred. Yet, this is an excellent case study for how a modern-day witchhunt would look like.

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