Man pranked with 10 dildos super-glued to his back, needs urgent emergency room treatment

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram

One of Brazil’s biggest attention-seekers comedian influencers pulled a prank where he super-glued 10 brightly coloured dildos on his sleeping friend’s back.

Apparently, they have been engaged in a pranking war for some time now, and the dildo prank is meant to be payback for the previous prank administered.

Needless to say, he won.

In videos posted on @nidobadoqueoficial‘s Instagram page, he is seen going into a sex shop to purchase the dildos.

He is then seen entering his friend’s room to begin the villainous deed with much relish.

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram

He super-glues 10 dildos, one after the other on his back in two rows.

When his friend wakes up, he enters a frenzy as the horror of what happened sinks in.

Naturally, everyone in the room laughs at him— because it’s all fun and games right?

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram

Some said they should contact National Geographic for discovering a new species of dinosaur — the dildosauraus.

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram

It was fun and games until he needed to be admitted into the emergency room because his friends couldn’t remove the dildos even with force.

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram

To remove the ‘perma-dildos’, a doctor used acetone to dissolve the super-glue on his skin.

Thankfully, this seemed to have done the trick. While they may be gone, we’re pretty sure the emotional scars are sure to remain.

Photo: @nidobadoqueoficial/Instagram


With friends like these, who needs enemies right?

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