Man goes on rampage after getting traffic fine, throws motorbike at girlfriend

He got arrested.

Photo: Rio Ramabaskara

This isn’t your regular case of road rage!

An Indonesian man got so angry after his girlfriend’s motorbike got fined that he threw it at her on Thursday, 7 Feb.

Photo: Rio Ramabaskara

Even though the bike narrowly missed her, the man identified as Adi Saputra, 21 felt that wasn’t enough.

He continued to stamp his feet and threw a temper tantrum by dismantling her bike (with his bare hands) and flinging the pieces he broke off.

His girlfriend can be heard from the side screaming and begging him to stop, as reported by Kompas.

Of course, he ignored her and went on rampaging and cursing.

Photo: Rio Ramabaskara

Meanwhile, this epic show of masculinity transpired with the traffic officer standing right there.

He later posted a video of him burning the vehicle registration certificate.

Source: Merdeka

He would later come to regret his actions because he was arrested the very next day.

Here’s a photo of him crying after kissing the hand of the same police officer who was giving him the fine.

Reports indicate that he is remanded in jail while he awaits his court dates.

Photo: Tribun News

There’s now a meme video of the whole situation

The internet was hard at work that day.

From it sprang forth, a reboot of ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay—it’s the video, played backwards.

Enjoy, for art is meant to make you feel things.

Enjoy the unintended artistic rampage.

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