Johor man lived with mother’s decomposing corpse for 4 months

A 40-year-old Johor man shocked the nation when he was found to be living for months with his dead mother’s body on 10 May.

On Jan 13, the man discovered that his 85-year-old mother had passed away whilst having her meal. However, instead of reporting her death to the authorities, he simply left her body untouched.

Photo: China Press

Disturbing reports

Over the course of the next few months, he carried on his days as if nothing had happened. He even had his meals next to her body.

But he couldn’t keep this up for long. As the natural decomposition of the corpse kicked in, it started to release a foul odour. He was forced to shut the windows and doors at all times to prevent the smell from escaping and the flies from entering.

Photo: China Press

These efforts weren’t successful as a neighbour caught a whiff of a noxious smell emanating from his home sometime in April. She also saw the 40-year-old man emptying a container of yellow liquid from his house.

Photo: China Press

She thought it was merely the elderly woman’s urine and faeces. Little did she know, it was most likely the liquid of her rotting corpse.

Cousin tried to intervene

The man’s cousin repeatedly tried to visit her — unbeknownst to her — dead aunt twice. Once in April and another time in May.

In her first attempt, the man stopped her and the other, she finally found out the truth from the man himself. She immediately went to the police, and on that day itself, they discovered her body.

Photo: China Press

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A sufferer of mental illness

When the police questioned him, he said he only knew she died on the second day after it had happened because of the way her body had swelled up.

He avoided reporting the incident to the police for fear of getting in trouble. Fortunately, the police did not suspect foul play and ruled it a natural death.

Photo: China Press

Diagnosed with depression, he had been living alone with his mother for years after his father died in an accident years ago. Her body was finally laid to rest on May 11, no family members attended his mother’s wake except for him.

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