Instead of buying 4D for a year, this man saves as much money as the first prize

This man took the red pill.


Collectively speaking, we seem to be obsessed with gambling.

Take a look at any 4D pools or Toto outlet in the evening, you’ll see heaps of people lining up and gunning for the jackpot.

While their hope and confidence might be inspiring, we’re even more impressed by this Malaysian man who managed to resist the urge to go for broke and instead, started saving his money. A truly revolutionary concept.

Elin Tan, his daughter, shared the story of her father’s penny-pinching ways and was shocked herself at how much he had collected.

“While others are saving money from quitting smoking, my dad did something else. Since 1st January 2018, he has stopped buying 4D and saved all the money he would have spent buying 4D. After a year, this is the result, and I’m super impressed!”

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Netizens were evidently impressed as well with the post currently sitting at 5.6k shares and 1k comments.

Even though the exact total amount he had collected wasn’t revealed, this didn’t stop netizens from guessing based on the size of the fat stacks.

Some felt that he had amassed no more than SG$2000 while others argued it couldn’t be less than SG$6000.

In any case, netizens praised her father for having the dedication to save up so much cash.

We gotta admit, his advice and results are pretty brilliant.

All of us know that one person who has spent way too much money on 4D and yet hasn’t even won the consolation prize.

Do you have anyone in mind, who needs to follow this man’s lesson in life?

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