13yo M’sian boy attempted suicide after his crush rejected him for his friend

Photo: China Press

Yesterday (Mar 12), a 13-year-old attempted suicide when he climbed to the roof of a two-storey building at his school in Selangor.

The teenager was seen walking on the roof towards the ledge as a group of students and staff watched in horror.

Based on reports by China Press, the boy was spurred to act when a girl he had a crush on rejected his advances according to a suicide note he penned.

Photo: NST

It reads:

“I want to kill myself I fought with my good friend. He’s with the girl I love. My heart hurts. I’ve told a few friends, and they’ve tried to stop me from killing myself. But I’m unhappy, which is why I want to kill myself.”

Photo: China Press

Footage of the incident has surfaced online showing the school in a frenzied state.

The police and fire department were alerted and rushed to the scene. After half an hour of coaxing, they managed to rescue the boy.

Posted by Deejay Nesh on Tuesday, 12 March 2019


The boy suffered minor injuries on his arm during the rescue operation and is undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.

Statistics show suicide cases among youth in Malaysia have shot up considerably. It has also been reported that by 2020, mental health issues will the second major problem to affect Malaysians—the first being heart disease.

Perhaps it’s time mental health training should be provided at schools. According to the boy, he did reach out to his peers, yet it appears no one reached out to an adult or took his plight seriously.

It’s 2019 already people, is a stigma against mental illness still even a thing?

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