S’pore man puts woman ‘in place’ after being rejected on dating app

A classic tale of boy meets girl.

Even the most charismatic people face rejection sometimes, and there’s no better way to save face than to call the other person fat and stuck up.

Before we get to the juicy part, here’s the backstory.

The poster’s friend had gone on a lunch date with Mr Romantic after meeting him on online dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Unfortunately, she decided that they wouldn’t work out, and thus sent him a text apologizing for her lack of interest.

Thankful for her honest approach and candour, the guy responded in agreement.

His date, now obviously impressed by his tact and wit, began to question her own lack of interest, and asked him to take back what he said, because who wouldn’t want to be with such an honest person?

Realizing that she had lost her chance with him, the girl backed off. Mr Romantic 1, Girl 0.

Civility in the face of adversary is a social skill that many lack, and for that alone, the woman deserves applause.

Photos submitted anonymously.

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