Woman allegedly gives baby beer so that she can “sleep faster”

An Indonesian babysitter recorded a viral video of herself feeding beer to a toddler in what appears to be a viral trend in the country where caretakers “boast” about abusing their children.

The young woman is seen giving the baby a sip of beer from a can before drinking some herself.

Check out the video:

The woman proclaims proudly in Sundanese:

“Everyone else give [toddlers] milk, [but] I’m giving [her] beer instead,”

Mother furious

The baby’s mother wrote an angry Facebook post that condemned the woman who was her friend that lived in the same kos-kosan (boarding house).

However, at this time of writing, the woman’s post has been taken down.

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Currently, no police reports have been made about the caretaker’s supposed actions nor is there any confirmation that the baby was actually fed beer. Perhaps the woman was merely simulating the act for social media attention.

A related incident occurred last year in East Java where a man forced his baby to pose with a lit cigarette in his mouth for a photo.

The video went viral and the father was arrested soon after.

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