This burger stall in JB sells gigantic burgers that drip with cheese at an affordable price

If you’re sick of the burgeoning trend of tiny-burgers-at-huge-prices at fancy restaurants, you might want to head on over to WoodFire JB where the burgers are up-sized, all day, every day.

Huge and hearty

The size is no gimmick, and it’s not just any mega-sized burger. Each burger comes packed with different fresh and flavourful ingredients cascading from hot buns— depending on your order.

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WoodFire JB wants to banish dry and crusty burgers forever as their orders come with just the right amount of melted cheese and their secret WoodFire sauce.


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Don’t try this if you have small hands! These whoppers are massive.

If you’re wondering if these mammoths are cooked using an actual wood fire oven, they’re not. But based on how delicious they look, they might as well be using witchcraft to conjure such beauties!

They’re reasonably priced too

Here’s the menu of WoodFire JB. I don’t know about you, but a huge burger for RM13 (S$4.30) is a steal.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, this smoked rib burger which sells for S$60 (subject to availability) is something you should definitely opt to try.

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RIB BURGER – Rm120 To Rm180 **limited stock**

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So much variety

If you’re vegetarian, they even have a mushroom burger replete with shiitake and portabello mushroom slices.

And if burgers aren’t a thing that tickles your senses, there’s tonnes of sides to choose from, including filet mignon and melted cheese on hot dog buns!


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About a year ago..this is our 1st product before all the burgers are born and bread. #throwback #thebeginning

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Here’s where to get them

Just key in this address on your GPS and you’re on your way to gourmet burger heaven:

(Editor’s note: Address has been removed as the owner has very limited slots due to the month of Ramadan. But no worries! Head on over to WoodFire JB instagram for latest announcement on next available slots.)

Here’s their order number at +6011-39991508.

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