S’porean wanted a McSpicy with extra mayo but got 20x the expected amount

Not so zesty.

Photo: Nurul Liyana Norman/Facebook

The right amount of mayonnaise can elevate a dish to the high heavens. Too much and you might just turn green, with nausea.

A Singaporean woman named Nurul was in the latter camp when she opened her meal and witnessed her McSpicy literally swimming in mayo.

“Dear McDonald’s… I am sad”

Poor Nurul penned a post to share her predicament with the internet while tagging McDonald’s in the process.

She said she only asked for a “little extra mayonnaise” and didn’t expect the staff to “squeeze the whole bottle” and submerge her McSpicy.

On the bright side, Nurul still says she loves McDonald’s no matter what.

Not everyone was amused

Some commenters didn’t think it was acceptable and some wanted an explanation.

McDonald’s have not responded to the post during this point in time. McMayo anyone?

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