Barista reveals how to make Starbucks drinks – including White Rabbit Frap!

Photo: @whatthechristy

Raise your hand if you love Starbucks drinks, I know I do. Now keep them raised if you love paying for them.

Hey, where did all those hands go!

I don’t blame you, coffee has been blamed again and again for making and keeping millennials poor. Even then most of us can’t seem to let go of our precious drinks.

Luckily (or unfortunately for your wallet),  Starbucks barista Christy Lee hailing from Toronto has been experimenting with custom drink order recipes for you to try out. Best of all, they’re Asian inspired!

Check them out!

1. White Rabbit Candy Frap

  • Syrup Creme Frap
  • Brown butter shortbread sauce
    Tall/Grande – two pumps
    Venti – three pumps

Photo: @whatthechristy

2. Milk Tea

  • Black Iced Tea with no extra water
  • No liquid cane sugar (LCS)
  • Sub Classic Syrup
  • Splash of cream

Photo: @whatthechristy

3. Milk Tea Frap

  • Syrup Creme Frap
  • Black sesame sauce
    Tall – one pump
    Grande – two pumps
    Venti – three pumps
  • Black tea powder
    Tall – two scoops
    Grande – three scoops
    Venti – four scoops

Photo: @whatthechristy

4. Thai Iced Tea

  • Black Iced Tea with no extra water
  • No LCS
  • Sub brown butter shortbread sauce
    Tall – two pumps
    Grande – three pumps
    Venti – four pumps

Photo: @whatthechristy

Go on and try to make them yourself!

Right now, it looks like her drinks are already a hit. Christy told Next Shark:

“Currently, it looks like the White Rabbit candy is the most popular mix. My friend actually ordered it today and said it tastes like it!”

When asked what her 5th concoction would be, she said she thought of re-creating a drink version of Black Sesame Ice Cream. Sounds amazing tbh.

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