A&W is back in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport after 16 years

Photo: A&W Singapore and @hokkori_shisa/Instagram

The OG fast food outlet has returned to Singapore after more than a decade. They staked their claim long before McDonald’s and KFC entered the local market, and they’re back into our hearts and bellies once more.

These are some of the all-time classic menu items making a comeback:

  • A&W root beer (S$2.90), served in a chilled mug.
  • Chicken/Beef Coney Dog (S$5.20).
  • Curly Fries (S$3.60).
  • Root Beer Float (S$3.50)
  • Waffle Ice Cream (S$7.90).

Newer editions to the menu include:

  • Cream Cheese Chicken/Beef Burgers (S$7.90), originally from A&W restaurants in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Golden Aroma Chicken (from S$3.20) from Indonesia.

The usual suspects. Photo: A&W Singapore

A&W at Jewel Changi Airport is one of the few outlets there that are open 24/7 so you can squeeze in some nostalgic chow time whenever you want.

For Muslim diners, do note that while A&W is not halal certified, they are in the midst of getting it, so hang on tight.

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